We build resilient frontline defenders through injury prevention education.

Venture Out Wellness equips frontline defenders with the tools they need to prevent injuries and experience a higher quality of life. We are rooted in a mission of service before self, designed for courageous individuals who would pay the ultimate sacrifice in order to serve and protect our communities.

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The Problem

Frontline defenders do not want to go to medical.

This is not always the case, but more often than not – it is – and for multiple reasons.

Dr. Karen Thomas, Founder of Venture Out Wellness and prior military special operations physical therapist, observed first-hand three major factors that prevented frontline defenders from asking for help for their health-related needs during her years of working with frontline defenders in the military:

  • Fear of getting grounded
  • Fear of career repercussions
  • Fear of being perceived as unfit, weak, or unable to carry their weight

The critical void in support is apparent, and Venture Out Wellness exists to change this by responding with a proactive approach to health and wellness for frontline defenders.

We equip them with the tools they need to take better care of their bodies – warding off injuries before they occur – improving pain, energy, and stress along the way.

Through injury prevention education, we help build more resilient and ready frontline defenders.

Our Solution

Online Programs

Our online educational programs bring frontline defenders the tools they need to better understand and manage their own bodies – preventing injuries and improving physical readiness.

Programs are:

Online to accommodate busy, ever-changing schedules

Tailored to the frontline defenders’ unique physical needs

Designed by a military Veteran and prior military Special Operations Physical Therapist

Meet the Founder

Dr. Karen Thomas

PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Cert. DN, RYT200, Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher

Air Force Veteran | Physical Therapist | Founder of Venture Out Wellness

Dr. Karen Thomas is an Air Force Veteran, prior military special operations physical therapist, and founder of Venture Out Wellness. It is her mission through Venture Out Wellness to educate frontline defenders in how to prevent injuries by becoming champions of their own bodies, armed with the tools they need when pain strikes.

For over 16 years, Dr. Thomas witnessed and experienced first-hand a critical void in proactive support for the health-needs military and civilian front-line defenders. This drove Dr. Thomas to create Venture Out Wellness, a new proactive path for dependable health and wellness services that are specifically built to meet the needs of the unique individuals who put their lives on the line for us. This new model of care ventures out to ask frontline defenders how we can serve and support them through physical health educational strategies and community support with an equal sense of urgency to the jobs they perform. Dr. Thomas’ programs build resiliency and teach our country’s finest how to land on their feet time and time again.

Dr. Thomas has served our nation’s front-line defenders in over 9 states and 3 countries as a military medical officer and civilian physical therapist, amassing over 33,000 patient encounters throughout her career. From serving civilian firefighters and law enforcement personnel to the men and women defending our country in uniform in commands like Air Force Special Operations and Naval Special Warfare, Dr. Thomas’ continued service to our country and passion for supporting those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our communities is undeniable.

Dr. Thomas has a bold and unapologetic mission to change the way we support those who dedicate their lives to serving others, their communities, and their country. Rooted in a mission of service before self, we build not only more resilient first responders, but more resilient communities.

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Launch of Online Programs

Spring 2024

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